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Why is Beating the Pats so Important even though Bills will Miss the Playoffs?



by Pat Freeman

The Buffalo Bills will once again watch the NFL playoffs from their respective homes after next Sunday’s final game against the New England Patriots. It just seems to me that management must look to accomplish one goal for improving this franchise, and that is beating the New England Patriots. Many of you might say well how does that philosophy help our team get back to the NFL tournament? Well over the last 15 years of us missing the playoffs New England has won the AFC East 14 out of 15 years, and only missed the playoffs once. In 2008 the Patriots missed the playoffs when Tom Brady suffered a season ending knee injury, but still finished the year with an 11-5 record. Let’s take a look at what I believe should be the first off season ownership decisions.

1. Give Doug Whaley a new title of Vice President in charge of all of the football operations for the Buffalo Bills answering only to the Pegula’s, and a football consultant.
2. Give Doug Whaley full control to hire on all matters related to football operations.
3. Improve Buffalo Bill player appearances to areas of Western New York based on trouble spot areas whereas there appearances could be of greater benefit to the One Buffalo Campaign model.
4. If Doug Marrone is retained as coach he must up grade his offensive staff.
5. Sign a veteran quarterback, and release Kyle Orton.
6. Make decision on which players that you would like to bring back and the players you should release to upgrade the team.



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Once these basic decisions are made the management must address the following free agents. One player left off this list is CJ Spiller who will also be a free agent.

These are the basic goal objectives for Doug Whaley but he must zero in on beating the New England Patriots as the basis of all decisions made and that is too win the AFC East first everything else should fall in place.

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