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Will Vince Young Eventually be the Starting Quarterback for the Bills?







by Pat Freeman

The Buffalo Bills continue to improve themselves this off season with the signing of a real franchise quarterback in six year veteran Vince Young. Not sense Drew Bledsoe have the Bills had a quarterback taken that high in a draft with Vince Young selected 3rd overall in the 2006 draft by the Tennessee Titans. The difference between the two is not a secret to those that follow the NFL. Vince Young has had his share of ups, and downs but few can deny the pure ability in this athlete. Many times quarterbacks are put in systems and are expected to learn that particular coach’s offense, even if it does not fit that particular quarterback’s skill set. I think this is the case with Vince Young, and the Buffalo Bills might have signed their ticket to becoming a real playoff contender in the AFC this year. Now I know many of you are don’t think this young man can still play, but I beg to differ with all of you. I not only believe in this young man but I will predict that he will be named the starting quarterback for the Bills before the end of the 2012 season.

One fallacy that is being tossed around is that Vince Young has a tendency to throw interceptions, and has trouble reading defenses. This is not true at all if you compare him to Ryan Fitzpatrick who has thrown 65 interceptions during his six year career, as compared to Vince Young who has only thrown 51. The funny thing in comparing Vince Young to Ryan Fitzpatrick is that their respective stats are very close to each other but criticism of Vince Young has been more how he has dealt with being a franchise quarterback in the NFL each an every day. That every thing you do positive, and negative will be critiqued. This pressure goes along with the responsibility of being that guy. This time I believe will be different for Vince Young and soon, and very soon I predict that the second chance at being a leader of an NFL team will be at hand again.

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