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The White Psychology of White Supremacy

A Sham Prosecution in Baltimore           by Alton H. Maddox, Jr. (“Attorney-at-War”) The object of warfare is to convince a people to surrender without any semblance of bloodshed. An enemy of…


Paladino may Resign, or at least he Should

Buffalo Students can only lose with so many Groups and Control Freaks behind Board members and Candidates           by Chris Stevenson One day a Judge said blacks should attend “slower,” “lesser”…

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Immersion East Side

PRISONERS ARE PEOPLE TOO, INC. WILL MEET ON MONDAY, MAY 23       by Karima Amin Just about a year ago, I became acquainted with Canisius College’s Immersion East Side Ignatian Seminar though meeting…


Are You Networking With the Wrong People?

      by ANN BROWN You’ve been putting your networking skills to use. You’ve been attending social functions and doing follow ups, but nothing has resulted from your efforts. Maybe the problem is not…


Social Media in a Post-9/11 Society

    by Alberta Parish In a world in which real relationships has been replaced by social media, your online thoughts are the measuring stick often used to determine your value or character. Therefore, if…


The City of Buffalo’s Green Code –

of ECONOMIC DISCRIMINATION     by Carolette Meadows The Buffalo Green Code seeks to re-write the city of Buffalo’s antiquated 1952 zoning codes in the drive to revitalize the city. The website states: “The Green…


The White Man Wink

      by Katrinna Martin-Bordeaux Jeremy Zellner feels “the upraising” of middle/upper class white folks in the suburbs and progressive parts of the city, are related to their economic disparity and lack of recovery….


Advantage Clinton.

    by Charles M. Blow   If trends hold and the parties’ front-runners become the parties’ nominees, November is going to be an epic election: a hobbled titan (Hillary Clinton) versus a mortally wounded…