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Black Women, Sexism, & YouTube pt.2

    by Alberta Parish It is not enough to claim you are the head of the woman and head of the household. You must practice what you preach, and be accountable for your actions….


White Men Still “Own” Black Women

      by Alton H. Maddox, Jr. (“Attorney-at-War”) Since black men, alone, were granted the right to vote in 1870, under the Fifteenth Amendment, black men have refused to make any demands on the…


This is Not a Rogue Officer Problem;

THIS IS A ROGUE SOCIETY PROBLEM       by Charles M. Blow Another set of black men killed by the police — one in Tulsa, Okla., another in Charlotte, N.C. Another set of protests,…


A Fundraising Alternative

    by Marshaun L. Quinniey In the past, organizations that had an interest in gaining revenue to support their activities may have had to resort to bake sales, donations, or a special event that…


The End of the World is Near!!!

Sixty Minutes Exposes the Doomsday Machine       by Playthell Benjamin This is an exceedingly strange political season where the bizarre has become common place. For instance a New York real estate huckster and…


Ethnic Cleansing Comes To Harlem

and The Rest Of NYC       by Gloria Dulan-Wilson (this is a reprint of a 2004 column. Pay Attention Buffalo!) On Sunday, January 27 broadcast of LIKE IT IS, Brother Shikulu Shange told…


Black Women, Sexism, & YouTube pt.1

    by Alberta Parish As a woman, not only must I navigate through systemic racism, but also sexism in the black community. The social media rhetoric about black and brown women that has been…