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The Journey Continues

June, 2016 Program     by Karima Amin This is our anniversary month. Prisoners Are People Too, Inc. held its first monthly meeting in June of 2005.  We screened the film “Angola,” about the infamous…

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Omar Mateen, This was Our Monster

    by Charles M. Blow The massacre in Orlando, where 49 people were gunned down at an L.G.B.T. nightclub and dozens of others were wounded, came at the hands of a coward and a…


The attempt to White Wash Ali

      by Pat Freeman Early Saturday morning, I sat with a feeling that I had not experienced since the passing of my father many years ago. Finally, I realized that Muhammad Ali, one…


Ann Brown on Sheila Thorne

by ANN BROWN   June is an important month for many reason, and one being June is National Mental Health Month. Black Americans are as likely to suffer from mental illness as whites. Yet there…


Child Sacrifice in the 21st Century

by Alberta Parish  Human sacrifice is a continuance of ancient rituals performed in many societies. The worship of Moloch (or Molech) was accompanied by child sacrifice in which newborns and firstborns were placed inside the…