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Avoiding, Disarming & Exposing All things Insular











by Chris Stevenson

Rule no.1. Avoid All things Insular. ‘Insular in this particular context is just the art of bringing someone down into your own reality, and keeping them there by some type of coercion. You will find the American intelligence community to be masters of this art of insular, the question is did they use some religious faiths as a testing-ground to accomplish this? The worst outcomes lead to outright prolonged abuse and death, the least-harmful outcome leads to psychological slavery and mental illness. I of course am not speaking of necessary insular, such as family affection.

This is a sinister type of insular meant to break through logic and probability. The trick of mastering what is essentially described as a closed system of logic is the stopping of someone or a group of people from participating in something seen as common practice in the world. It can’t be illegal. What’s the fun of restricting someone from shooting heroin if they never used heroin? On the other hand the heroin addict whom you assist in stopping his use, will be very open to your insular teachings. It has to be something they enjoy or benefit from in the long-run, the object is to get them to love an idea, person, or group more than reality. Most things people love are things they are naturally inclined to do, and oftentimes take for granted. The goal is to wrap the follower up so tightly in the insular, that cognitive dissonance will kick in automatically once the most glaring proof is presented that they have been loving or following a liar(s).

You can spot the insular attitude in individuals even from a young age. This doesn’t mean they will continue this behavior when they grow up, but some do. The childhood friend or neighbor who prefers to separate you from your friends and/or family when he or she notices others coming to visit you etc. It’s big with children because it’s a natural sign of immaturity. Most kids grow out of it. Some don’t. The short-term goal of the insular individual is to keep you off-balance, to make or force you to be at odds with things or people you are naturally conducive to. They often know they’re wrong, but it’s worth it to them to prevent you from getting the resources you need. Insular individuals also generally feel they can’t be figured out. Their way is deeply private, remote, detached, narrow-minded. The same holds true for many of these fundamentalist faiths.




Muslims in the Middle East are most successful in this. They have an 11th Century mindset, and force their followers to dress and think 11th Century. The Watchtower allows for contemporary dress, but maintain 11th Century thinking. This is an accomplishment in itself. Same goes for the Hebrew Israelites and Christian Scientists. If you check the history of the individuals who founded these religions, you will just find the same Joe-Blow who you thought was an oddball in your childhood; The “Prophet” Muhammad- A recluse in his early years, Charles T. Russell- An Apostate several times over strictly by dictionary definition, reportedly married a woman he never made love to, predicted return of Christ in 1914 and then 1915, narcissist, no formal religious education, L. Ron Hubbard- Founder Dianetics and Scientology, served in military, commanded anti-sub boat, lied about sinking submarines. Joseph Smith- Founder LDS, Mormons, 32 Wives.

Insular is to be watched and avoided because it is the starting point for zealotry and extremism. The problems arise when people who believe in God have just got to manifest this by going out and finding religion, which eventually at some point becomes a platform for their obnoxiousness. Insular is how they set you up. Insular groups are infamous for convincing or trying to convince people they need to be watched. If you think you need to be watched, then you probably need to be watched. Insular is a dominant trait of a low-performance culture.


















Resistance to change and a politicized internal milieu are also traits. Other than religions and cults (and some police and construction union-fanatics because they’re oft-exclusionary and go to extremes to maintain that), street gangs are the most dangerous insular groups to stay away from. In most cases this is a male child’s first encounter with something insular, street gangs often find their commonality with strict religions in the false proclamation that they are family.

Being born in an insular town and religion I feel like an expert. We will now turn our complete attention back to the Watchtower Society. Compare them to one of those highly-advertised over-the-counter medicines whose benefits sound wonderful, until they read off that long list of side effects. If what you been committing your time, emotion and energy to brings more pain in other areas, then the Watchtower or any other faith I can name is pretty much like Zoloft. You been taking Jehov-off; Jehovah according to the Watchtower, and you need to get off my friend.











On one hand I don’t trust anyone suggesting that I read their religious literature more than the Bible, not so much that I love the Bible, but because I smell megalomania. On the other hand, too much Bible can be dangerous. Ancient wild people. The new danger fundamentalist faiths present is in their pitching their fluctuating archaic views to a markedly different public than they have in yesteryear. High technology, unbalanced thinking. Simply put, the Watchtower NEEDS their disfellowshipping penalty, it’s gives those shunned low self-esteem, it gives false-esteem to most still in. The “my country right or wrong” has morphed into ‘my religion right or wrong.’ This makes way for the cognitive dissonance which is really external narcissism. False titles, false authority, real damage. It’s not hard to imagine really. If your house were on fire who are you going to call, me (who’s had no experience or credentials whatsoever in firefighting) or your local fire department? What if I were persuasive enough a hustler to make you think I put out fires?

Followers can only adopt a bunker-mentality toward the outside world under such control.

Chris Stevenson is a regular columnist for blackcommentator, and a contributor to the Hampton Institute, his own blog www.thebuffalobullet.com, and a syndicated columnist. Follow him on Twitter, and Facebook, you don’t have to join any of them. Watch his video commentary Policy & Prejudice for clbTV & Follow his Blogtalkradio  interviews on 36OOseconds. Respond to him on the link below.

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2 Comments on "Avoiding, Disarming & Exposing All things Insular"

  1. The crazy thing is that we can show this article to those who are a victim to this type of mental incarceration and they will agree 100% with the article, yet fail to realize that it’s speaking about them.

  2. People need to have control of their own minds, no matter what religion they prefer. Or if they prefer none. They need to retain the ability to be a critical thinker. Anything or anyone that forbids you to ask questions is not healthy.

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