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The Michael Sam Story and My Take on What Has Gone Down









by Zach Husser

Dear Family of Friends,















WTF indeed! My father’s NFL died last night. Most other players drafted are shown with family, I guess Sam popped out of a tube-cs

Instead of the World Media and the NFL promoting Michael Sam’s “Football Abilities” this is all about the guy being Gay! The picture above, Sam kissing his white boyfriend, is thrown in our faces to force folk to except this behavior. I for one believe more people are going to reject Michael Sam and his lifestyle.

I believe this “Michael Sam” story should have been all about his football talent. After all, the man was the “Defensive Player of the Year” in the Southeastern Conference. That in and of it’s self is one hell of an accomplishment. The SEC Conference has some of the best football players in Collegiate Football. The Conference regularly sends several dozen players to the NFL every year. Michael Sam the football player is what I want to know about.

I don’t care about his bedroom manner and I don’t want the press to keep pushing the wrong side of this story down my throat! I don’t need to see who Michael Sam is kissing! Why is the media doing this?

In concluding, I believe, based on watching tape of Michael Sam at the University of Missouri, that his talent is way better than a 7th round draft pick in the NFL. The Media promoted the wrong thing, they were more interested in a Gay Man than another great football player. The NFL didn’t want Michael Sam the Gay Guy and his drafting near the end of that process tells me so. We’ll see what happens in the pre-season for Sam. The NFL Players are saying the correct things now, but I know Sports Athletes, they’re the most conservative group of folk in our society. I was a member of a College football team and basketball team.

I’m using my knowledge of what goes down in the locker room world for the opinions I’m stating. Michael Sam being Gay is not going to go over at all with the NFL Players, especially in the locker rooms. Remember, most professional Leagues have outlawed players saying what they really think about issues like race and what partner you prefer. No matter what they say in public, privately, Michael Sam is going to catch hell!!

In the Interest of Michael Sam’s Football Abilities,

Brother Zach Husser, Community Organizer


Michael Sam, the Defensive Player of the Year in the SEC Conference. This is about his football abilities and nothing about him being Gay! If he doesn’t make the St. Louis Rams NFL Team, We will forget about Michael Sam!

Zachary Cornell Husser is a NY/NJ Community Organizer and member of the Columbia University men’s basketball teams of 1967–70. You can find him on Facebook and Twitter.

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