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The Rex Effect Part II



by Pat Freeman

The Buffalo Bills have continued their downward spiral right into the bye week by losing to the Jacksonville Jaguars in London . This was the second straight start for E.J. Manuel who started very slow turning the ball over on two interceptions, and one fumble that led to 14 Jacksonville points. The struggles of EJ Manuel are the same as they were since he has been in the league. He has a problem with touch, accuracy, and ball placement on a lot of his passes. The positive about him is he always comes back, and makes some good throws that just leave you head scratching as to why this young man is not more consistent at this point? The Bills defense is the surprise story of the season so far this year by allowing 24.7 points per game, and three times this season with 30, or more points. Rex Ryan arrived in town telling the faithful we will win. Well so far the same old story seems to have gotten worse. The question has to be how can this happen with probably the most celebrated roster the Bills have had in years?




Rex Ryan arrived in town telling the faithful we will win



Well so far the same old story seems to have gotten worse.

The answer lies in the mysterious Rex Effect that seemed to take over the judgment of our new owners when Rex was hired. They were so disillusioned by the charisma of Rex Ryan they stuck with the failed system of hierarchy that led to an organizational mutiny that existed under former head coach Doug Marrone. This organizational structure was that the head coach answered to the then acting owner, and President Russ Brandon instead of the General Manager; Doug Whaley. This is a problem when ownership inherits their role based on financial privilege rather than knowledge of how the professional game should be managed. The majority of General Managers in this team history were given the title of Vice President over football operations. This was not the case under the tenure of Doug Whaley and my question is why? He was in charge of the coaching search but the coach answers to the owner, and not the general manager.

The first year of this awkward arrangement usually keeps discourse behind closed doors but, by next year I’m certain Rex will blame all of his coaching shortcomings on Doug Whaley and demand for full control of all personnel decisions. Stay tuned Bills Fans it is coming soon unless our owners change their organizational structure at One Bills drive. This structure is a recipe for disaster especially when you too have been caught up in the Rex Effect!!

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