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The Rex Effect pt. IV

Why Endorsing Trump was a Mistake



by Pat Freeman

During my 21 years of covering the Buffalo Bills I have always had a good professional relationship with most of their head coaches. This remains with Rex Ryan, but we have some very different opinions about whether or not he was the right hire for this football team.

Since 1995 when I became a certified member of the NFL media I have never heard of a head coach mixing his politics in this profession.

The National Football League is about making money from all willing to spend it with them. This is regardless of race, creed, politics, gender, and etc. The basic policy of this league is to be fan friendly at every turn because it’s the fans that generate the revenue making this sport the number 1 professional sport in the country.

On April 18th, 2016 head coach Rex Ryan of the Buffalo Bills committed one of the worst errors that could be made by an NFL franchise representative. By agreeing to introduce a political candidate he crossed the line of political neutrality that is the unwritten policy of the National Football League. This action no doubt will get the Buffalo Bills a private rebuke from the league office about the action of one of the organization’s representatives.

The Buffalo Bills by the way immediately tried to do damage control stating that Rex Ryan is acting as a private citizen, Sorry hometown team there are no such thing as a part time head football coach in the NFL. You represent your organization 24/7, and this is a serious blunder not only on the Bills organization, but the entire league. This was once again shows that our new ownership is being baptized unnecessarily, and should be receiving better consult from some of the previous ownership holdovers.



Two characters joined at the hip, Rex and Trump-cs (Photo- Getty).

This also exemplifies that Rex Ryan was indeed the wrong hire for this franchise in particular because of where they are in ownership experience. It’s very obvious that the late Ralph Wilson would have never permitted a coach to have the freedom that Rex Ryan is enjoying in Buffalo. This is the latest in a string of professional blunders from Rex Ryan on, and off the field that once again proves he was the wrong choice of head coach of this team. This also once again is what I have termed the Rex Effect which will eventually conclude by his firing as head coach.

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